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Welcome to Northumberland Dog Sports

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Mantrailing in Northumberland

Credit to Sniffer Paws NI

What is Mantrailing?

Mantrailing is the UK's fastest growing dog sport. Harnessing the power of your dog's incredible nose, we teach them to find a missing person for fun.

It's a giant game of hide and seek!

Any dog can trail even if......

  • They are reactive to people/other dogs.

  • Are nervous.

  • Can't be let off the lead.

  • Have been kicked out of 'normal' classes.

  • Any age of dog can trail, from puppies to golden oldies!

Why get into Mantrailing?

  • Super fun activity in the great outdoors.

  • Build a better bond with your dog.

  • Build your dog's confidence.

  • Give your dog mental stimulation.

  • Meet with like-minded people.

  • Unlike other dog sports, there is no competition against others...we're all cheering you on!

From the daintiest Dachshund, to the busiest of Cocker spaniels, to the coolest of Great Danes, any dog can enjoy Mantrailing.

Where do we trail?

Almost Anywhere!

We trail in a mixture of rural and urban environments. Different locations create different trailing challenges for dog and handler.

How to get started.....

All mantrailing is undertaken in a group environment. Handlers take turns to work their dogs one at a time. When you are not handling your dog, you can watch the other dogs trailing or can take your turn as the 'Misper' (missing person = BIG FUN).

To take part you need to complete a Mantrailing UK/Global Introduction Course. This will teach you the ins and outs of Mantrailing and the methods we use. The Introduction Course is around 3 hours long. Each dog and handler will do 2-3 short trails. Dogs are worked one at a time, so must settle in the car alone (you will need to hide for others). If you are still training this, then you can bring someone along to sit with them.

Your dog will need a harness to trail in (no anti pull allowed) and a long line.

Introduction Sessions are £55 per dog & Progression Sessions are £25 per dog.

Once completed you can join any progression session, with any Mantrailing Global Instructor, all over the world. Many clients even choose to trail while on holiday!


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